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    Warhammer Online - The Day of Reckoning

    Bought the parts and built two sweet computers just for this game. *puurrr* We're ready for WAAGH!!!
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    Warhammer Online - The Day of Reckoning

    *nods* Aren't opinions great? ;) All out PvP is just that... PvP all the time, anywhere. You can't get that in WAR as the devs dislike it. Close as you can get is being changed into a lvl 1 chicken with 1 hitpoint and 1dmg ability (when you cross enemy PvE lines OR on an open server which has...
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    Warhammer Online - The Day of Reckoning

    WAR and Daoc are not "all out PvP" o.O It is my opinion and that of the devs as you can find their comments on the subject repeatedly -- WAR is about RvR which is not PvP in the sense we've come to know it (ffa, gank fests, open, no rules, yadda yadda). The difference is RvR is goal and team...
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    KOTR for real

    You can read about it at
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    Age of Conan

    I've no intent to play it not even when it goes to trial which it will soon no doubt. It's good to hear at least some good things but that appears to be purely playstyle matters. In the games we play all we get are the utterly disgruntled players telling us the horrors or downfalls of the game.
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    What are you playing now?

    Playing EQ, EQ2, Mabinogi, Second Life while waiting for HJ and Warhammer.
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    EverQuest II and EverQuest Live free

    For those of you that have played either but don't keep your emails updated, Sony is giving away a month on EQL and two months on EQ2 with various treats and rewards. If you've had a trial or what not it's for you. EQL is giving away expansions, not sure about EQ2...
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    WAR beta!

    If they can say they're in beta then they might as well tell more since they're breaking NDAs already. :)
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    WAR beta!

    lol Be specific, there are two betas mentioned now... Warhammer and AoC. And for pete's sake... if you can voice an opinion and not get into trouble then why not explain WHY you dislike this or that game. Saying 'it sucks' isn't exactly informative let alone encouraging anyone to take your...
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    Time sink folks... it and community makes a game go on and on and on...
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    WAR beta!

    Pfft. Why was it a disappointment? If it's run like their others then it's fairly constructive (as opposed to play for free type testing). So what didn't you like?
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    Over population! (Lab)

    You're all wrong. :)
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    The Mama Test

    I've worked with kids (and had my own) for over twenty years. In my experience it's the people with no kids or have some childhood scar they've made larger than life that tend to shoot down the idea of storytelling. Yes, storytelling. Those little magical wonder stories that some are calling...
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    What are you playing now?

    *stops to think of when she's seen ass* Well now if you don't want the intimate details of my sex life then I guess I can't tell you when I've seen ass. And I've seen some mighty fine backsides in my 40ish years. Can't think of a one that I'd consider ugly. Sooo just what is your description...
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    Smash Brothers Brawl!

    We've no wifi setup at moment so can't come battle with you all. We head out on to complete a camping trip in two weeks, so won't be back to civilization until summer. Waaaahhhhhh. Good thing son doesn't know Wii Mario Kart comes out April 3rd. heh