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    What's ur current most fav song?

    Not sure...I'm loving Life on Mars - David Bowie. Not sure if that's just because they're repeating the TV show and it's so amazing...:D
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    Alias books ?

    I've read about 7 of the prequel ones...spent about 30 quid in one go on them, so I'm saving up for the APO ones so I can buy loads at once. I thought they were pretty good. 19-year-old Syd is naive and a bit annoying, but still they're entertaining. Nowhere near as good as teh TV show.
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    A series of unfortunate events

    Yep, I adore them. One of my fave series'. The style is pretty old fashioned but that's for a reason, so I can't really dislike them just for that, but the whole explaining vocabulary can get a bit's a good job I'm such a fast reader. Anyone know when no. 13's out?
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    What's your favourite book series?

    Darren Shan all the way. Then Stephen King's Dark Tower series. HP + LOTR somewhere behind that. Oh and the Unfortunate Events series. Do we include trilogies in this?
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    His Dark Materials

    They've cast...whatsisname. The guy from the new James Bond. Ack. He's completely not right imo.
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    What are they? I read it but they don't seem to have anything to do with I just bein thick?
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    Do you like to read?

    I said Yes if I know the topic/author etc. But really I'll read anything that sounds good. And if I see a book by an author I know I will almost definately buy it.
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    Best Books in the World / Favorite Books

    Wow I love those books! They have to be some of my fave books of all time. Others include...everything Stephen King + Kathy Reichs ever wrote, also the Darren Shan trilogy, etc. Lots more I can't think of right now.
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    I'm now reading...Infernal Devices by Philip Reeve, + Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs. Just finished The Dark Tower vol2 by Stephen King.
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    Alias Quote Conversations

    Is anyone else having deja vu here?
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    Too addicted to Alias..?

    Ah...same thing happened to me with seasons 3, 4 + 5. I hate living in England. And...I went on holiday and missed the last 2 eps of s3!!! And had to wait til they repeated them just before s4 started!!! AAAARGH! - You have 10 pages of quotes from Alias - The first thing you do after watching...
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    Write a caption for a pic!

    LOL. Ewww. :lol:
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    In My Pants

    We always find each other in my pants. Hehehe this game is hilarious!
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    If you could change the past...

    Surprisingly no. I like it just how it is.
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    Last letter game! 2

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