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    ShaFtiaN is back

    who remembers me :]
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    DYNAMIC GAMING Ranked 3rd BABY!!!

    dude its hc tdm does anyone else even play that haha
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    Request iLLusiv3 tRauma: Logo and Avatar

    nice work buddy keep it up
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    C & C ~MANIAC's GFX~

    nah buddy your hella good apply.
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    Request SavageDynasty: Banner (400x175)

    nice job thanks for picking it up
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    C & C Cloud Strife

    its so nice bud i love it
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    C & C this is my 2nd sig i ever made =]

    not showing up buddy
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    XBox New XBOX live Dashboard!!

    it looks really gay im not gonna lie but i still love live and everything about it so im keeping my 360 haha
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    Xbl Gt

    haha yeah shaftian is unique cuz no one has it or even knows what is but im changin buddy
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    Request Yhadii

    Thank god you like it you made my day :]
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    Xbl Gt

    mines ShaFtiaN x but when i get my box back tommarow is gonna be ConTraGaTe
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    C & C My Sotw Entry

    its better than mine :[
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    C & C ~MANIAC's GFX~

    yes please do bro!
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    C & C Bloc Party

    just fix the text
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    C & C A Few Lps

    there all so nice !