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    TV Couples

    I voted for Max and Logan, that was awhile ago since the show isnt on the air anymore now I'm hoping for Mick and Beth from Moonlight to get togerther
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    Ghost Whisperer

    I love this show too. Even though sometimes things can geta little creepy. It makes it more exciting.
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    Comedy Borat

    not really. it doesnt look very good
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    Shrek 3

    it sounds good can't wait to see it.
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    Animation Ice Age 2

    It was great I loved the part when the scrat lost his nut and was stuck in that circular block of ice.
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    Comedy She's the Man

    very funny, even my brother liked it
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    what do you think of addison?

    I liked that she didnt get scared of alex and just got him to where he doesn't want to be.
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    what do you think of addison?

    i dont really like her because im a meredith and dereck fan and she sorta gets in the way of that. but on the other hand she seems to have grown on me a little and i dont find shes a horrible person except for the adultury thing
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    Who does Derek love?

    its meredith he wants. I think he feels that he should see if he can work things out with adison. he definatetly doesn't hate her, but he does have a stronger connection with meredith
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    george and meredith

    i think that it will never be the same again. i mean she really did hurt. I hope he will be able to get over it though and go out with the girl that was intersted in him. he deserves better
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    Memoirs of a Geisha

    i find that the book was better then the movie the movie got kinda boring after awhile i would have to say that the one thing that bothered me about the book and the movie was that she was in love with a man who could have been her father. that was a little disturbing
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    Least Favorite HP book?

    i would have to say the order of phenix. harry was always angry and i had to read the book twice to understand the ending
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    What are you watching right now?

    I'm watching the view, but soon i plan to switch to the pretender season 2
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    Andrew is back!

    I do understand why andrew wants to get back at his mother. «i mean bree should really try and acept him as he is. she is begin a little cruel.but I also think that andrew is taking it a little too far. being angry and not taliking to your mother is one thing but to blackmail her. i think that...
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    All About Vaughn

    all of season 1 and 2 I didnt love him in season 3 because of Lauren
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