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    truth about war photos Enlightnening. I particularly like the lady photographed twice on two different dates.
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    Gauging player/mob strength

    No one wants to reference back to my favorite point, GS-III. They didn't display levels, being text and all. Instead, it just became common knowledge which critters are which range of level based on fighting there for a while or sharing lore. Don't get me wrong, i'm talking hundreds of...
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    Save The Internet

    Damnation man link me to a current article. The closest one I could find was from 6-9-06 regarding the PREVENTION of taxation of the internet. Find it here: Article Here
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    Your favorite flash and other online games!

    BMX Backflips. Great fun.
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    The Intel inside of a Mac.. Wow!

    Its more of a cult than a market. Mac's popularity is based on it being an underdog. We all tend to cheer on the underdog, until the point an underdog is a big competitor. From that point, people begin looking looking for a new underdog. I mean, look at the SouthPark episode where they rip...
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    I bought a WoW timecard, and I don't know why.

    $30 = 2 month WoW time. Everyone point and laugh at Frosty. :lol:
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    Firefox is the worst browser ever.

    I still don't understand the hatred for IE. I am running WinXP SP2 and allow auto-updating and I have zero security problems. No pop-ups unless I want them, and no spyware sneaking into my browser. Its all in the auto-updates.
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    Service Abilities

    sounds like... WoW.
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    area conquest

    area conquest! ::drool:: just thought i'd have a thread going on how GMs could keep any one 'faction' from being too powerful and thus make this concept achievable.
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    Hero's Journey Cribs

    Tree houses are a pain just play morrowind. Without spells or potions to levitate, it takes forever to get to the top. Stick with holes in the ground. I wand a nice, cozy cave.
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    Soloable + Custimization = FANTASTIC

    No one seems to grasp what Shadow is really saying here. Let me explain it further. The concept lends towards solo, group, and role-playing in either scenario. When killing a critter, a person gained experience which is placed in a 'well' of sorts. Once this 'well' was filled, killing more...
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    Mortal Kombat: Theme Song

    A MUST SEE! Mortal Kombat: Theme the site takes a long time to load but its worth the wait
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    custom music folder?

    use wmp with the in-game music off, sounds simple enough
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    Website Advertisements

    aids is pretty serious. whats worse is hepatits and tuberculosis, which are infecting hundreds of thousands of americans each year. we need website TB tests!
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    Fishing, without a Breath of Fire twist, is boring. They would need a decent mini-game for this one.