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    Facts that Master chief will return in halo 4

    its tuogh because h3 was the last in the series but how often do the main characters die even at the end of the last game
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    Zombie fans rejoice!

    ya im still on the fense but zombies will defenitly help
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    bloging sux

    post something here if agree that bloging is for prople with too much time that think everyone else cares
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    [Forum Game] Ban the user above you for no Reason!

    i ban Mexicans for obvious reasons
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    Favorite Halo weapons

    BR all the way
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    Battlefeild Bad Company 2

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    Lost PLanet 2 DEMO

    like that (IWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!)
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    Lost PLanet 2 DEMO

    EH lost planet kinda sux
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    splinter cell conviction

    splinter cell is coming out soon and people are going to be needed for some spy V. merc. action or some coop achievements
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    Battlefeild Bad Company 2

    u know im in on that