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    UI Modding

    UI modding is very much neccessary. Quite frankly no online game has ever had a good enough UI to start out with. It's a good area where players can pick of the slack.
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    I hope Necros get a sweet way to summon their pets. I demand shifting zombies tearing at the flesh of my enemies! I must also be able to summon them quickly and have them explode from the very earth as their sinew and bone are sewn together before my very eyes while I laugh into the night.
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    Interesting Industry Quotes

    It's as if they are trying to destroy their own game. It's so very crude really to think that's all players want.
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    Choose your weapon...

    I've always liked staves myself. Especially with a magic casting char. Man do I want to be a Necro with an awesome creepy looking staff.
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    Hero's Journey Release Information!

    Not too surprised really. They have been training gms left and right so you can't expect them to have all their content finished for a bit. It's good to know most of the races are in the game and good to know they have finalized their classes somewhat. Mid-2007 isn't too far away and I think...
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    What's your desktop photo?

    This is a render from Hitman: Blood Money. #47 is an all around badass. Nothing else needs to be said.
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    Zelda: Twilight Princess for GC movie

    That was awesome. Not too sure about those digital looking critters and the portal. Link looks badass as a wolf but that guy that rides him looks really goofy. I would vote just Link as a wolf but they always have to do something akward. Hope it makes sense. Do people finally talk? I mean with...
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    Roguish Abilites

    Either way I would enjoy opening with your own skill that is augmented by your character's stats. I've always wanted to become good at lockpicking just for the heck of it. Always thought it would be a fun little trick that takes practice and would be a cool achievement. Thinking about this...
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    'Boss' Encounters!

    I don't know about a race, but that multiple encounters thing sounds awesome. I always though it would be fun if you went through a dungeon and had help from other npcs. Possibly have you each take different paths as you come across them and work together.
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    any1 know

    I'll just throw out some crazy guesses that I base on past experiance with mmos and their practices. They just finalized their tools that they work with at the end of 2005. They do employ a number of content creation people as well on and offsite that can make content quickly though. Problem...
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    'Boss' Encounters!

    That's an interesting idea except with 8 "mini-bosses" plus the main sleeper you might get a feeling of an endless and redundant dungeon. A more functional approach might be to shorten it to 3 or 4 guardians. What would then be cool is if each had their own personality type/powers/fighting...
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    Roguish Abilites

    I think this would be fun, but I believe a few "hardcore" people would cry foul as it's more based on player skill than on your character skill. What I think would be cool is if you left it still up to the character's skill but had a picture in picture window of the action going on inside. I...
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    How is Hero's Hall doing so far?

    The site and forums are excellent in looks and their general feel. You have a budding community right here and have achieved something others could only hope to emulate. With luck and proper guidence this could stay as an excellent forum community for years to come. Good luck! Hehe.
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    HJ names

    I would have to go with Solaren, Jalith or Zarus as they all communicate an excellent RP feel for me.