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    C & C Darkness

    the lighting is actually bad. the light is coming from straight above him and there is a big dark spot on his head.
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    C & C Skraight pen tool and g-maps

    mines the best...=D
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    C & C Skraight pen tool and g-maps

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    C & C my "non-anime" tags

    abstract isnt normal my friend.
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    C & C my "non-anime" tags

    here are some more ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ idk if u would count as anime but meh
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    C & C my "non-anime" tags

    - abstract - spidey =D - made a tut on this one. - sprite - comic book...=D is that enough?
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    C & C Trying new things out

    i like it but lose the text and the bubbles in front
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    Complete my sentence

    were always playing with toys made by crazy frogs who drink blood with vodka shots that taste like straight booty from ugly disgusting dwarfs who pop zits with chopsticks while licking quikshot in his booty hole which is not clean with boogers that smell like Dookie while looking at manunited's
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    C & C 2 Latest

    on the first one i like the smudging on te right side.
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    C & C My Logo

    good job.did u create the logo yourself?
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    C & C Mick, my sotw entry

    i dont like this one. the light source is really strong and the dark side is really dark. its really messy to and there is no flow, but thats not something to be picky about IMO
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    C & C boomgirl

    ehh im not really feelin this one. i had to go searching for a focal and its really messy BTW good depth though
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    C & C R.i.p.

    i can only imagine its meaning to you and why it means so much to you. i got chills looking at it man.....
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    C & C NO

    i like the green one the best and i think you have a sweet you have the color version?
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    C & C Revenge CnC

    start doing your own work...most of the stuff i see from you is straight from tutorials