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    Happy to Be Here

    Hey welcome! I went to your link and clicked "nominate me" That's what you meant by vote for it, right? (I read every bit that the excerpt allowed, great stuff! You have an obvious talent for setting the scene and describing everything with an active voice) I'm new here too and since your...
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    Sci-Fi How can we save science fiction?

    I think some writers might avoid sci-fi because they don't want people looking back on the datedness of something originally intended to seem futuristic. Look to The Jetsons for the best example. CLEARLY a product of the 60's and 70's
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    Fantasy The Hobbit Trilogy

    So the overall vibe I'm getting is: good, but not the best in the franchise This upsets me because I was hoping it would be :( I don't want to go in the theater with low expectations though
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    If you lived in a TV show, which one?

    Mayberry would be the top of my list for places I WOULDN'T want to live in. every character there is annoying as hell
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    Greetings my n-words! (nerds... not the racial slur)

    Thanks man! Everything's a one-man production except for the guy who makes the music. Every now and then he helps out on the sound effects too. BTW, here's a link to watch every full episode if anyone's interested:
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    Space Pilots (Sci-Fi Comedy

    Hey, I'd like to tell you all about my Star Wars/Star Trek parody show "Space Pilots" Space Pilots is the new show that'll rock your cock off! (please watch responsibly) It's a Sci-Fi Comedy centered on, you guessed it, "Space Pilots." With lots of lasers, space battles, alien women, and...
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    What do you recommend?

    thanks for the suggestions! I'll try to find Mote in God's Eye because it seems interesting. I looked up the synopsis and it seems like something I'd enjoy reading, first contact with an alien species
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    What do you recommend?

    I'm looking to get into reading more sci-fi books, but I don't even know where to start. I used to read a lot when I was a kid, but then I started to get more interested in making movies, that I ended up constantly watching and analyzing movies. I feel that if I read more, it might offer some...
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    Greetings my n-words! (nerds... not the racial slur)

    Hi! My name's Mike Musson, I'm a comedian and filmmaker and I've been obsessed with sci-fi books and movies for as long as I can remember (Earliest memory I have is of watching the Terminator movies) My interest in science fiction reached an all-time high recently so I began working on a series...