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    American Idol 2

    I love Simon, he is just so cute. That's all I'm saying.
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    Fav. Bands

    Am I the only one on the boards that like Rammstein? I love their song Feuer Frei!
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    I really like the group Rammstein, I have their cd and I love their songs. And the strange part is, I don't understand a word they're saying unless I look up the lyrics. That's because they're from Germany and every song is in German. Otherwise, they sound pretty good.
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    Fantasy Lord of the Rings

    As soon as possible, I'm changing my name to Celebrian, either that or Luthien, luckily, my parents don't care too much. No, the trees did not freak me out...that much, to whomever asked. And poor poor Haldir, for me, the guy ranks above Legolas. Sorry.
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    Comedy Kangaroo Jack

    The only smart thing the producers did was to cast Marton Csokas, other than that, these guys are pretty dumb.
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    Fantasy Lord of the Rings

    I still can't believe Haldir's dead. Amazingly good film though, aside from his death. Too bad Boromir didn't survived...
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    Comedy Kangaroo Jack

    I can't believe the actors even signed up for it. Looks absolutely ridiculous.
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    I'm around Los Angeles and it was raining so hard about 2 days ago. There was a blackout and I am very thankful for the inventor of electricity. How can they live w/out it?!
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    What actor do you look like?

    Some people say I resemble Nicole Kidman and the friend I just saw Die Another Day w/says that I'm more like Rosamund Pike that Kidman. Whatever, I'm happy w/either one, they're both pretty.
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    Drama Die Another Day

    I've seen this film like twice already simply because I love Bond. First of all, they didn't have to wreck any of the cars, Aston Martin, Jag, etc. Second, saw the Frost Betrayal a mile away and though she is the bad guy, Frost isn't all that bad, quite pretty comparing to some Bond girls...
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    Movies: 2003

    There are 2 Matrix films coming out. One in May, the other in November.
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    David Anders Online

    I love Sark. He's easily the best character in the whole show. Love the big guns and the coats.
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