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    SD-1 Refugees

    Wanted to say 'hey' to all other refugees! "we'll find each other....we'll always find each other" Reading the announcement will have to wait until I get home. Glad to find so many of you here.
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    Former Gartan Addicts #9

    RE: "Jill, how about you imagine that it's you MV squeeze-hugging in this pic? " (ok, I don't post much, but couldn't resist....) Better yet, how about being between the two of them, in the hug :P
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    Former Gartan Addicts #9

    re: "The red shirt he was wearing when he left the hockey game. I see an elephant. :lol: I think it reads Alabama? " AND "...What was that red shirt he was wearing with the elephant?..." That is a University of Alabama t-shirt. Mascot is an elephant and nickname is the 'Crimson Tide' I...
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