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    ABC to End 'Alias' Run in May 2006

    NOOO!!! why are they doing this!!!?? this is really sad news. i'm gonna miss everyone on the show especially sydney. i just hope the last episode would not be much of a cliff-hanger because i would demand another season. is there any chance for a come-back?
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    Season 5 Horizon spoilers

    but i have a hunch that the captor could be vaughn. [if vartan decides to come back] or it could be sloane.
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    Season 5 ALL Vaughn speculation

    this is probably late. but what the heck. lol. :P i think most of us now are convinced that vaughn is not dead and that his death was staged for some big purpose. it was almost made too obvious because sydney is such an emotional person. and if she had to be the most emotional for the death...
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    Season 5 New Weiss Spoiler!

    yep, i think i heard somewhere that JJ and Greg has been friends wayyy before. i wish michael was JJ's friend instead. lol.
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    Season 5 Out of the Box

    or maybe vaughn could be related to rambaldi.
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    Season 5 Micheal Vartan

    omg! i so agree. i feel really bad that vaughn had to die. even if michael vartan decided to get out of the show, they should've thought of something better than what they did to vaughn's character! i'm beginning to hate the show because all this time i was thinking how perfect everything was in...
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