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    Angelina Jolie

    I think she was amazing in Tomb Raider. I think she has alot of talent, and I love all her movies. I love watching her in action films.
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    Bruce Willis

    I think all his movies are interesting and great. I also think he is great at acting and performing. I love every single one of his movies, and I am such a fan.
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    All My Children

    I love All My Children and I am just starting to get into it more. The rape scene involving Bianca is very sad to me. I am glad they are addressing important issues that many women face today.
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    The Nanny

    I love Fran! It is alot of fun just to listen to her on the show. She really cracks me up! She is very unique and it is hard not to love her.
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    cosby show

    I like the Cosby show alot. It is alot of fun watching the characters, and it is amazing how grown up everybody is now, in real life. That was one of my favorite shows as a kid.
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    Comedy Roseanne (ABC, 1988-1997 & 2018), The Conners (2018)

    I love Roseanne. My favorite character on the show is Darlene and Roseanne also. I watch the reruns over and over. It is alot of fun watching their kids grow up.
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    Mad T.V.

    I love Mad tv and Saturday Night Live. I watch them both all the time. I record the shows and then I watch them all weekend long. I love comedies and I have a great sense of humor.
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    That 70's Show

    I used to watch that show with my sister alot. I was really into it in the beginning, but I stopped watching it. I am wondering when it is playing next. I want to start watching it again.
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    Jack and Karen

    I like Jack alot. I think he is the most amusing gay guy on television. I love Will and Grace. I can watch the show all day long, when I am home.
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    Things we've learnt in our lives

    I learned that I need to eat enough in order to have a fast metabolism. I also learned that I need to sleep in order to be happy.
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    Funny Nicknames

    I like Baby! My girlfriend used to call her car *My Baby* all the time, she was just used to it. I think it is a cute nickname for a car.
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    Tip of the day

    My tip of the day is get enough sleep! I have been tired for a long time, because I stayed up to adjust my clock. It was a big mistake. I was behind on like 40 hours of sleep because of it, and I am not the type to sleep in for too long. I am finally feeling better thanks to some over the...
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    My Fetish>>>Your Fetish

    I think I have a fetish for drinking coffee, while I smoke. I do it all day long, and it is just something I like to do. I also LOVE to shop, so that is my other fetish. I buy alot of clothing for going out, and I love clubwear.
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    What creeps you out?

    I have a fear of bugs! When I have mosquitoes, ants, or other insects around me I freak out! I have been getting alot of bugs in the house lately, and I have been going through hell. I plan to fix up the house, so that I don't get anymore bugs.
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    Whats going on today?

    My plan is to get some work done and then go to bed! I have not been sleeping well lately, and I have been tired for months. I think I am just starting to get better, because I have been sleeping in alot. So, I am happy that it is working!
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