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    What do you mostly drink?

    SODA SODA SODA SODA!!!! im addicted to any type of soda relay bad ive tryeid to quite for my sports and stuff but i dont wokr to well im still triyng to quite thought i havent had a soda today!! :)? i want one right now... dman we dont have ne in the house ... :(@!!
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    What are you wearing? 2

    glo jeans, purple :) A&E zip up and old nasy aqua top
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    How was Your Day?

    physicaly-my legs arms stomahce and ass form wroking out for conditon for soccer and a soare ythrot metaly- headache or is that phsyical?
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    What time is for you people? 2

    543 pm
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    ne1 else have TMJ? that jaw problem? cause i have it and i know at least a dozeon more people who have it. if so how bad is urs? what is it like? ne1 getting treatment for it? mine gives me headahces al lthe time and my jaw is sore alot and clicks alot. my ears crack on the inside. lol i have a...
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    What did you do today? 2

    woke up shcool stayed after school to make up apanish felgercarb went to dentist for TMJ came home ate soup (sick) ocmputer
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    my eyes r blue green and bits of gray its realy weird. is that hazel? cuase thats wat i voted for
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    Birth Order

    im the only child which is good sometime and sometimes not
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    Weather 2

    freezing dark and snow on the gorund :(!!!!
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    what do you personaly wish you were better at

    i wish i was a bettter speller and that i was more self disaplined, and more social.
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    what would make you happy/er right now?

    if i wouldnt be sick!!! or if i could see dennis
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    How many languages do u study/speak?

    english, amberish (thats my own), spanish i geuss for 2 years im not a very bilingual person i can barely speack english half the time thats when amberish comes out lol
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    If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? and dennis forever with no parnet problems to be happy for the most part 3.for dennis' goals/dreams to come true
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    What kind of mood are you in #2?

    im feeling- lonely, missing someone,happy, urge to run but soooooo sick, tried, sore, cold
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    Love is...?

    my heart when im wit dennis and when im not friends that always r ture musci with good beat soccer any time cross county when its moring my puppy skippy life
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