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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    ok so basically i was pracically going out with this guy, Scott. who i met through my now ex best friend, katie (shes gives beyotch a new meaning. shes beyond fake and talks bad about everyone). so i tell katie to go ___ herself :) and she tells scott what i say. and im like ok fine i can deal...
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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    semi-sulking. and not sure if i should be mad with someone or not.
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    A Cypress Scandal

    some parts of it have letters & some have names.
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    im backkkkk

    hey everyone! i used to be here like 24/7 then i got busy w/ life & stupid high school drama... anyways now that im on christmas break for the next 2+ weeks i decided id come back before i died of boredom! so yeah. hey again everyone! ^_^
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    Least favorite class at school?

    honors geometry. definetly.
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    The GA Quote Quiz!

    george i believe. if im right: "Today's the day people!"
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    Last letter game! 2

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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    hey whats up?
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    A Cypress Scandal

    Title: A Cypress Scandal Started: May of 2006 Inspired by: Real events that happened to me & my friends as well as the popular best selling series "Gossip Girl". Topics <-- Previous Next --> Post a Question Reply Disclaimer: All real names of places, people, and...
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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    holy felgercarb. ok i havent been here in like MONTHS! hows everyone?
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    Guess the episode?

    Authorized Personnel Only Part I
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    Guess the Episode!

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    Number Quiz

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    New Quiz

    Sydney is at Sloane's house with Emily, Jack, & Will for dinner.
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    New Quiz

    Sydney just sprayed spray paint all over his Hummer
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