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    Season 5 season five news

    A pregnancy storyline is written, and Kristin says it's not Vaughn's baby. She more or less acknowledges Vaughn is Rambaldi, and that it's his baby. Nothing on the rookie agents yet. Source: Kristin on E!Online This is from posted today!!!!! Vaughn is Rambaldi? Kind of makes...
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    Sark's wine

    Chateau Petruse, 92 I believe.
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    Questions about season 3 and 4

    I just finished watching seasons 1, 2, and 3 again. I have a few questions. Do we find out about the documents Syd read in the Wittenberg? How did cole escape CIA custody in season 3? Also, in Full Disclosure, wasn't that Cole's voice telling Sydney/Julia to "kill this unimportant man"? If...
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    Season 4 The other person in the crash

    Syd's hair was long. I think some time had gone by. Or it was a dream.
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    Season 4 Blood red horse & fallen angels

    That's exactly what I think. That the team were the angels and that's what prompted me to think that Irina and Elena are the Chosen One and the Passenger, respectively. Irina kills Elena. Syd and Nadia fought but Sloane is the one that actually shot Nadia. the zombie thing made me think of...
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    In what episode did Syd have this disguise?

    I've started watching the whole series again, for the third time, and I think she was wearing something similar in the ep where she retrieves the terahertz camera from Peter Fordson in Helsinki. She was wearing a leather tank like that but she had a black wig on.
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    Season 4 Irina reference?

    I thought Syd's hair was longer in the last scene than it had been during the episode. Maybe time has passed?
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    Season 4 Why did Jack punch Sloane?

    Do we know what Jack and Sloane were working on? Was it finding Elena? Is Jack really a bad guy? Becasue remember in S4 when Jack impersonated Sloane to get that computerr blackmailing program, the one with the squiggly numbers? Did the guys he was talking to know that it was Jack and not...
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    Season 4 Vaughn was working for Sloane all along

    I think Sloane is still orchestrating everything. He pretended not to know who Sark was in S1. He didn't volunteer the info that Irina was still alive until Jack and Syd mentioned it. Irina thanked him for extracting her in S3(I think it was 3). When SD-6 was going down, he stole all the...
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    Season 4 The Marshall/Weiss Blackmailing

    Totally hilarious. Marshall is always a little off-kilter. Very clever, and very Jack when they realized they'd have to blackmail. That is exactly what Jack would have done:)
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    Season 4 DVD

    I think it will all the aliases Sid has had-just like the opening credits of each show-all Sid.
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    Season 5 Possible Season 5 Spoiler

    I read somewhere that there is "a reason Lauren is frozen". Darn it all right to heck. Just stay dead!!! Let Sid and Vaughn be happy :)
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    Season 5 My Theory About Rambaldi Stuff

    Here's some interesting points(at least I think they're interesting, hee hee) What if: Sloane is Syd's dad Irina is the Chosen One and Elena was/is the Passenger. In the finale, Irina said that thing about the horse on the road that Rambaldi said would happen before the Chosen One and the...
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    Season 4 Nadia saw it coming

    Okay. go back to the thing about Jack being Nadia's father? I don't rember that :unsure:
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    Season 4 Consider this. . .

    This is out of the blue, but what about the horse thing Irina said in S4 finale. She is the one that actually killed a sibling. Is she the Chosen One and Elena was the Passenger? Is the Rambaldi stuff really about her? Sydney said that in season 2 when we first heard the prohpecy that her...