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    Us Aussies hate channel seven

    Yeah - do you reckon that she really meant for us to go on All Alias? Perhaps not... ^^ Anyways, she can't really be bothered getting up. Anyways, I am a fellow hater of Channel 7, so can I join or whatever?
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    An fellow Aussie newbie? Yay! <o> :syd4:
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    *creeps in* Hi guys! *waves with a cheesy grin*

    Okay people - I'm one of those strange-and-very-obsessive Alias freaks! *waves* If I haven't scared you off already, I shall also state that I am new here, so please forgive me if I stuff up once... or twice... maybe let it go a a couple of times... erm, just forgive me if I stuff up ^_^...
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