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    Season 4 V: "I Love you"

    I CANNOT believe that of all nights that I couldn't watch an episode while it was happening, that it HAD to be this one!!!!!!!!! :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: I did tape it so I...
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    Season 3 the promo for resurrection

    OMG!!!!!! Oh YEAH Oh YEAH Oh YEAH Oh YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! Finally, Vaughn says he loves Syd!!!! The best part about that though is that he grabs Lauren by the hair and gets right in her face when he says, "I love Sydney" !!!!! Looks awesome!!! Now if only we could do something about...
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    Season 3 Countdown!!!

    7 hours and 7 mins. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!! On a more sad note....only 1 more episode left!!!!!!! I can't believe it! A whole summer to wait again!!!!! I've got my tapes and dvds ready though! LOL :redhair:
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    Season 3 Is the chemistry between syd & vaughn is gone?

    I think that it's going to be a little awkward until Lauren is completely out of the picture.... That said ,I think you can still see the way they feel by the way they look at each other.... Like you said, it was a very somber moment last night when he grabbed her hand,plus it's probably still...
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    Does anyone you know look like them?

    Just an update....I actually asked this guy out!!! Just yesterday!!! He told me that he couldn't this weekend he's going to Florida,but we could do something some other time and that he'd let me know..... Then last night in church, he kept checking me out!!! LOL For those of you that want...
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    Season 3 Resurrection?

    Hopefully, Syd/Vaughn's relationship or Evil Francie!!! Now that would be awesome!!! Or what if this whole season really has been a dream??? And resurrection is everything in Season 2's finale being resurrected and Season 3 never happened!!! If that makes any sense.... LOL :eekhair:
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    Season 3 Vaughn's Disguise

    Oh yeah!!!! HOTT Vaughn!!! When I first realized it was him with Sydney, I was rolling on my bed laughing my ass off!!!! Then I was like yeah,baby!!! I can't believe we only have 4 more episodes to go!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall: :bangwall...
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    Season 3 The end!

    I was REALLY mad at Lauren anyway,but what really did it for me was when Vaughn hugged Lauren and she looked right at Sydney over his shoulder. I flipped out!!! I was shaking my fists and screaming at the TV. But then I cried at the end when Vaughn called Sydney. Vaughn is such a butthead!!! And...
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    Season 3 Countdown!!!!

    6 hours and 44 minutes til Vaughn tells Lauren," I think we should separate." !!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! :reallyexcited:
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    Fav S+V moment

    Hello?!?!?!?!? SPYSEX, baby!!!! :throb: :throb:
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    New Game: what lies behind the underwear!

    It was Marshall that said it and the correct word is "mind". next: "Did you think I would just throw anyone in my underwear?" LOL :reallyexcited:
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    Season 3 Who's liking the character of Lauren?

    Don't get me wrong, I still hate her,but she is so much more believable as a baddie. She was too nicey,nice and made me want to hurl b/f. I'm definitely liking the bad Lauren. :rockon:
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    Season 3 Countdown!

    :redhair: 7 hours and 40 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! And they better not make us wait 3 weeks for a new one anymore until next year!!!! Better yet how about they NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEHT!!! I'm sooo psyched about tonight!!!
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    "Toxic" music video

    :redhair: It's a cheap rip-off,that's what it is!!!! She's got the red wig, the black clothes, she poisons a guy..... it's all Alias!!! No one will ever be able to do Alias like Jennifer Garner!!! I think they should sue!!! LOL :redhair: :redhair:
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    Favorite Alias Moment

    Definitely the KISS!!!! There will never be another one like it!!! :kissme:
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