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    Season 3 Finally Syd comes through!

    $5 says you don't even KNOW who our prime minister is! take it easy with the Canada remarks. i wouldn't be spouting off anything about the US if the situation were reversed, jokingly or not.
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    Season 5 statue in sloanes office balcony

    I just wasted a minute of my life reading this garbage...shame on you for even posting this!!!! in the statue my a$$!!!
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    Season 1 Anna Espinosa

    I wish she were the head of the Covenant! That would be awesome
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    Season 5 Spoiler Ep 20

    If it were true, Vaughn would be a biggamist!!!
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    Season 5 Is Dixon head of the Covenenant?

    Guys, you should have read the Site Concerns. Be careful with the titles of your topics. This ends up going under the spoiler section...and a lot of people are trying to stay spoiler free and end up logging onto: "Is Dixon the head of the covenant" shown under spoilers. A little...
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    Season 3 "The Passenger is Irina's LEGACY"

    Vaughn: "When she got through with my father, he could only be identified from his dental records" SOUND FAMILIAR????
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    Season 5 Return of Danny? guys need to close this board!!! Enough with the Danny stuff! He's dead and buried!
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    Did anybody read this??

    That's interesting since they are still posting new pictures of upcoming Alias episodes....can you say..."hypocrite" ??
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    Season 5 The Passenger

    There is no way that it is just a coincidence that one of the stars and one of the directors both have the name Olin. NO WAY! brother and sis? cousins? brother in law?
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    Gartan Archive

    in which picture is she wearing the ring?>????
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    Season 5 Jack's look...

    I don't know if you all noticed but Jack also made a face when listening to the recording of Sark saying the love bit. He made this face as if to say that he realized that Sark was talking to a WOMAN and so the co-chair of the N.Am Covenant cell was a woman! I love subtle...what a...
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    Season 5 The Passenger

    I know this is off topic, but is Lena Olin related to Ken Olin? (he's one of the directors) I've never known for sure.
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    Season 5 The Passenger

    I think that Mia looks a lot more like Lena Olin than JG does. JG's eyes are much more similar to Victor Garber's. Know what I mean?
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    Season 5 10x better than the sripts I posted!

    so David Carradine will be on again....awesome! He's so mysterious!!!
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    Season 3 Reaction to 3.16 "Taken"

    Jack's face when he heard Lauren say "love" was PRICELESS!!!
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