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    Request 120x60 banner

    You don't have to make the banner, it's been sorted. Thanks.
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    Request 120x60 banner

    [Type (banner, sig, avatar, etc.)]: 120x60 banner [Size(width x height)]: 120x60 [Main Color(s)]: Match the other banners below. [Background Color(s) (Please specify if you want transparent)]: Match the other banners below. [Style]: Match the other banners below. [Main Text]: Search Extreme...
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    New iPod Touch

    The new iPod Touch looks really good and the new features are great. iPod touch What do you think of the new iPod Touch?
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    How long have you been using Forums?

    I've been using forums for about one and a half year.
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    What sort of hobbies do you have?

    Playing sports, watching the tv, going on the internet and many more.
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    Your team

    I support Liverpool in football.
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    Favorite sport?

    My favourite sport is Football(soccer) and Cricket.
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    Favorite T.V. Show?

    The Mentalist is a good show.
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    Desktop or Laptop?

    Laptops, as they are portable but Desktop is more powerful.
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    What kind of phone?

    I currently got a Samsung Tocco Lite.
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    iPhone 4 - We don't know about.

    I think the new iPhone 4 is great, the best smartphone ever.
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    Favorite Search Engine?

    Google is by far the best search engine ever.
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    PSN or Live?

    Xbox Live is so much better. Even though you have to pay a bit for it, I think it's definitely worth it.
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    XBox Gears of War 2 | Gears of War 3 (XBox 360)

    I played it and I think it's really good, most likely going to get Gears of War 3 when it comes out.
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    What is your favorite game?

    My favourite game is Modern Warfare 2, most likely going to get the new Call of Duty game when it comes out.