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    Win XP users.. help please!

    ^ Thanks!
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    Win XP users.. help please!

    Guys.. for some reason my Win XP started up for the first time ever asking me which user I wanted to use! Does anyone know how to make Windows XP startup on my user account automatically whenever I turn my computer on, and not let me choose which user I wanted to pick? The whole pick-user thing...
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    The Asians Of AA

    Ooh. An Asian thread. lol. Yeah. Hi :) No one ever goes here.. I noticed, but I figure I'll introduce myself anyway. 1. from what country are you from Philippines 2. where are you now? Still in Cebu, Philippines. lol. 3. what languages do you speak Mandarin, Folkien, Filipino, and English...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck IV

    I've been watching The Horizon over and over again, and Jennifer has just absolutely delivered in this episode. AMAZING acting from Jen. That should get nominations, hopefully.
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    Season 5 Episode 3 Preview

    Yikes. I feel the same way. I HATE that new girl. Even before the series started. And I don't know why either. New guy doesn't seem to be so bad either. Neither does Renee Rienne. But that Rachel girl.. lol.
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    MLB 2005 Season

    Ugh. Boston's out :(
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