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    What made you start designing ?

    im no designer either lol but i do love to play around with ps. just got fed up asking people to make stuff for me and had some free time so stardted to design my own stuff lol
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    Tutorial render Settings + Extras

    nice share mate thanks
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    GFX - Rate the signature above you! ใƒ„ -

    9/10 Very effective sig, not too much going just my style
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    Request Request *Needs Designer*

    Ive been waiting to see this completed with that c4d thought it would be kinda hard lol
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    hello everyone

    Thanks everyone
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    C & C The Queen

    pretty nice mate, not really one of my fav styles but like this one it seems to stick out
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    hello everyone

    hello to everyone. got in here through the merge fairly new to the whole graphics scene and really enjoying it although i lack in insperation i enjoy the chat lol. see yous around
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    C & C The Master

    It is nice. well done, I like it :thumbSS: :thumbSS:
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    C & C spiderman sig

    simple spiderman sig Its only got few layer as it just looked worse when added more stuff so kept it simple What do you think
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    C & C New Sig Kinda sucks

    i like wulfstans :thumbSS:
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    C & C First go at a Wallpaper

    not my style m8 but sure some ppl will like it :thumbSS:
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    GFX Bebo skins

    they just decorate your profile when on bebo
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