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    Season 5 Syd and Jack Relationship in Season 4

    maybe spy daddy isn't evil after all. maybe the documents indicated that jack was protecting sydney from something, or he sacrificed some things in order for her to be safe. and syd was crying b/c of all the stuff he did for her. since jj said he thought he made a mistake with season 3 in not...
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    Season 5 An era is ending

    "an era is ending"... the era in which the show sucked is now ending? i hope so. If it's an anigram....I got one! "An Era Is Ending" = "Irina and Genes" maybe more of irina's family comes to town?
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    Season 5 resurrection speculation

    well if that was true then whoever vaughn's mother was had to be pretty special to be chosen by rambaldi..... and if every dead person could be brought back, then perhaps danny will return and stir up some drama??
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    Season 5 resurrection speculation

    if lauren is brought back then maybe double francie will be brought back again.
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    what i'm saying is, the ending will be a real shocker because someone sydney loves and trusts will probably kill her. either that or vaughn's the one that dies. either way the writers would be taking a huge risk.
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    lauren will turn into sydney, then she will kill the real sydney by shooting her, then she will go about living sydney's life without anyone knowing.
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    Season 5 who stops vaughn?

    Kristin chat... From screwylewie: Forget Omarosa--never before have I hated someone so much as I do Lauren on Alias. Do we ever see her get her comeuppance? Yes, indeedy--there's a crowbar with her name on it. Wheee! Sorta makes your heart tingle, don't it? then... From mindaygirl: Devilish...
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    Season 5 resurrection speculation

    i was going by kristin's spoilers that indicated sloane was head of the covenant...unless that was false? she said the head was an ASs....arvin sloane.
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    Season 5 resurrection speculation

    the last episode is titled resurrection. this got me thinking about why they would title it so. of course alias is tied completely into rambaldi and his artifacts, and there has been speculation that Sloane is in search of eternal life through rambaldi, which got me thinking. I think the...
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    Season 5 Nadia and Sydney connection/speculation

    There has been speculation about Nadia backwards is Aidan (St. Aidan). And St. Aidan appeared in episode 9. At first after seeing Lazarey I thought episode 9 referred to him and only him but now I was thinking the dreams Sydney had are actually referring to her sister... 1. Sydney dreams...
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    Season 5 Lauren and Will

    if you think THAT pic is suspicious check out this one! :innocent:
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    Season 5 the head of the covenant...

    Suits and Glasses is the guy that tortured Syd by pulling out her teeth.
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    Season 5 the head of the covenant...

    Kristin replies: Okay, hmph, what to spill, what to spill ... Turns out that the head of the Covenant is someone we already know, already love to hate but now possibly hate to love, though really, we know better now, don't we? ... Cryptic enough for you? How about this:This person is an ASs...
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    a word to describe Vaughn

    taken :angry: :brokenheart: :no:
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    Season 5 Vaughn with syd or lauren?

    i have a theory for this season....hypothetically, if lauren ends up being the surrogate mother for syd/rambaldi's baby, she is going to try and pass it off as her and Vaughn's. Now what if syd needs to destroy the baby to prevent the prophecy from happening? Do you think Vaughn is going to...
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