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    Weekly Caption Contest

    Gastric Bypass Registration Straight Ahead. Be sure to check in with Ms. Jacquii Cooke, official poster-child for ex-fat bastards.
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    X Factor UK

    I love X-factor. It'll be starting later this month in the US. Of course - I consider myself a bit of a music lover, having been classically trained as a tubist. I know I've been to dozens and dozens of auditions. So for me - I personally like to see all the talent flowing through the X-Factor...
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    Riddle Me This

    Great guess. But the incorrect answer :P Bingo. I was going for "He put a "G" in front of it!" lol A silly little riddle I learned a long time ago - just thought I'd add a bit of drama with the mathematical magician story LOL
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    Body Art

    I've been thinking about getting one, but the jury is still out on that one... I'm more of a piercing type girl though - I've got multiple piercings and am considering a Monroe.
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    Been Caught Stealing . . .

    THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Busted! LMAO
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    Riddle Me This

    Wordsmith - not spelling champ. Hell - I misspelled the word "cherubic" at the 7th grade spelling bee LOL... Uh oh... Must correct spelling ARG ------------ ------------ Okay - so edited lol Riddle Me This: Once upon a time there was a magical mathematician who invited me and my family to his...
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    Riddle Me This

    LOL - That was an easy one for someone considering herself a wordsmith :p Okay - another: Riddle Me This: Once upon a time there was a magical mathematician who invited me and my family to his show. For his first feat of magic, he pulled two rabbits out of a hat. He then stuffed both rabbits...
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    Riddle Me This

    Queue :D
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    Riddle Me This

    ARG - that was obviously too easy LOL You nailed it though and have been poked a couple cookies :playful:
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    Body Art

    Wow! Amazing artistry!
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    Riddle Me This

    I'm not much into riddles - but I have one from waaaaay back. Cookies to whoever answers correctly What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?
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    What are you watching right now?

    I've seen season 1 of OITNB twice! Fabulous show in the vein of HBO's incredible series OZ, with all female cast. Love love love it. I'm finishing up season 2 of Roswell on Netflix :D
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    Drama The Butler

    From 2 Words ==> Lying Bitch! Comments? LOL
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    WWII Vet, Beaten To Death By Two Teens In Spokane

    Sad. Perplexing. Infuriating. "An eye for an eye" would dictate the little bastards be strapped to a gurney and poisoned to death or better yet: the 2 little bastards have their heads shaved and sat in ol' sparky! What the hell is wrong with kids now-a-days?! Possibly their mothers/fathers...
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Wow! Some truly diverse tastes. Right now I'm reading ((when I can pry myself away from the computer or TV that is)) Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Such poetic expressions. The book is genius. I'd actually started reading it about a couple months ago. My dog Dymyn...