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    ~Joe's Bar & Grill~

    yeah :)
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    Winter Wonderland

    i don't think it will be long before he comes back, watch out Syd cause those girls love there daddy and they don't even know who he is yet
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    day dreaming she has it bad the photos that was jsut plain cruel
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    jack = LOL accident well whats a good story without a little aust
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    please uypdate this is too good to be left uncompleted :(
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    Finding My Way

    sbloody good start
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    please don't leave this story unfinished!
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    A Life Like That

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    ~Joe's Bar & Grill~

    so this is what withdraw feels like
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    It Was Destiny

    parent trap alias style hehe
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    Stepping Stones

    lovely :)
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    Stepping Stones

    cute very cute
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    Right In Front Of Me

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    Love Me True

    very sweet,
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    Love Me True

    loved it ! you can't fight that fellin
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