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    Season 5 How they faked his death!

    yes!! you go!! YES I belive you're right but any how vaughn isn't dead so remind me again WHY are we having this discousion?? ^_^ omg OMG you're totaly right!! but do you mean that it's NOT true that hi's dead?? or do you mean that hi's gone forever?? hrrm hrrm!! :blink: I have only ONE thing...
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    Season 5 Subtle Nod?

    yes I agree, but heey you guys, I don't belive there was a nod. or anything. Mabe it just happened!! I don't think sydney was on that very much, BUT when I think of it, if it was to protect vaughn?? hrrm hrrm!! mabe they faked his death?? I belive so VERY much actually!! that's something jack...
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    Season 5 I think we all know (or really hope) Vaughn is alive

    yes ang yes again!! you are so right!! alias is the best tv show EVER and i belive that JJ never would take Vaughn out of the serie!! as you said, no vaughn, no alias. and when you said that about they had to fake his death to protect him, I realisde something!! I didn't cry nearly at all when I...
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    Season 5 ALL Vaughn speculation

    Yes, I can agree that if he was an sd6 agent, that'll make scens, BUT don't you guys remember in the last episode, before the flood, when the hole gang whent to take down irinas sister, vaughn and irina were talking, and irina sad well that was a really nice ring you had there, and vaugh sighed...
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    Season 5 ALL Vaughn speculation

    HAHA:D yes I agree with you, Osiris:D I belive he's danny or rambaldi ^_^ :D