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    Fantasy Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

    Most cinemas where I am show 3D only. My right eye isn't quite compatible with it. The scene where Alita and the boy climbed on the roof so he could show her the view gave me extreme vertigo! Interestingly, the violence was very, very high for a film I thought they were allowing young...
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    Solar powered weapon in action

    The idea of unfurling solar panels in orbit to collect power and then beam down to Earth has been suggested many a time. This sort of power has risks if used as a weapon though, and the communications link to it must be 100$ secure to avoid it being hacked and used for destruction (if not used...
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    Solar Heated Spacesuits

    Solar power only works when exposed to a suns rays. Inside a man made object, or on an objects dark side there would be major issues if there isn't a good battery onboard to store. Of course, write a story with a suit like that and a battery and there could be an interesting point when...
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    Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC)

    Well, if his assistant looks happy, I'm sure we'll be.
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    Drama Gravity (2013)

    I want to answer fully here, but I'd be asking a question of everybody about the storyline, and then it'd be a spoiler situation and we don't appear to have spoiler code. I have a BIG question about the storyline. I have three workmates who've seen the film. One didn't appreciate it. A...
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    Solar panel belt around moon: green power gets expensive? It's a big mass just sitting there, prone to rock strikes but....just sitting there. However, all the material needed is a planning nightmare. Is the...
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    Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC)

    A release pic from filming:
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    Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC)
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    If only they'd kept Jar Jar's death scene in

    I'm sure all of us would have been a mite happier!
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    Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC) When VHS/Betamax came along, everything changed! Not just being on the road, but living in far away countries where there is only one local tv channel, that hardly has any English programmes. Care packages containing...
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    Drama Space Cowboys (2000)

    I actually saw this at the cinema and can say it doesn't have anywhere near as much impact on the small screen! It is an enjoyable film though I can watch over and over again.
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    Conspiracy Chris Hadfield ejected from theatre First Madonna was ejected from a theatre for texting, not Chris Hadfield for muttering, laughing and then letting one off during a 'difficult' scene. (note: spoof meter activated)
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    Random thoughts.... post yours!

    Was it backpack shaped? Shame you lost your gear though. With employment instability crime rises, particularly 'opportunity' crime, like seeing things through car windows.
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    Politics Army of volunteer mowers needed - apply within

    Strapping men with manual lawnmowers Ladies in dresses with parasols handing out home made lemonade Kids playing with stick and hoop Might as well have some fun in the interim.
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    The watch that tells your time of death (Kickstarter) Looks like they want to get in before anyone else releases...