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    Online Article; '27 Best Sci Fi Shows'

    While there are some good shows on there, and a few great ones, some of them don't belong at all IMO, and any list of this sort that does not include Firefly is garbage. The newer BSG, The Expanse, MSTK 3000, The Madalorian, Stranger Things S1 and Doctor Who up through the Matt Smith years are...
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    Authors and their nationality, etc.

    Very interesting topic! I would think most authors, whether sci-fi or not, tend to write about what they know about culturally, or at least show their biases that way. The same goes for directors, for example M. Night Shyamalan almost always bases his movies in Philadelphia, where's he from...
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    Which Show Would You Like to be in?

    Maybe Firefly, seems like that would be a fun crew to fly with!
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    Politics Are there any "conservative" sci-fi shows?

    Yeah I agree with this take. Especially when it comes to sci-fi, I can't stand to see politics of our day and time, shoe-horned into a story about the future where it doesn't make sense. I would prefer no political agenda at all. I can understand if there are characters who are political, or...
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    What Are The Best New SciFi Books Of 2020 (So Far)

    100% agree with you. To be fair, I've never read any of the authors on this particular list (well technically I've read Ken Liu, but only as translator for Cixin Liu for one of his Three Body Problem series), and I've never even heard of half of them, but only a few of the summaries are even...
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    Movie Suggestions if Yer Stuck At Home

    Wife and I are planning on getting to season 3 or Ozark, I like Bateman a lot and the first two seasons were really interesting. We are currently watching the sixth and final season of Bosch on Amazon. That's a great detective show, the main protagonist is portrayed really well by Titus...
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    Movie Suggestions if Yer Stuck At Home

    LOVE that one. We've watched that a few times and the kids love it too. They really don't make movies like that anymore.
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    Movie Suggestions if Yer Stuck At Home

    Absolutely, I've already got a few ideas for some things to watch this week, thanks for all the effort in putting that together!
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    Movie Suggestions if Yer Stuck At Home

    OMG that is quite the list... funny thing is, I think I've actually seen most of them. Just showed my kids The Fifth Element tonight, love that movie. Last week I showed them the whole season of Firefly, then watched Serenity. Those are WELL worth multiple watchings, it's been some years...
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    Sci-Fi Wandering Earth (2019) [Netflix]

    I couldn't finish this. The whiny little sister annoyed me so much I just stopped halfway through, and I have no desire to go back and see how it ends.
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    Sci-Fi Code 8 (Netflix, 2020)

    Just watched this last night, and agree with your analysis. The story was very paint-by-the-numbers. It's fairly well done technically, decently acted and shot, but nothing special. I like the premise, and it was entertaining, but nothing I'll watch again.
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    Politics Trump 2020

    Yeah agree, they have done a TERRIBLE job coming up with anyone appealing enough to sway voters away from Trump. Personally I think he's done a pretty good job and would probably just vote for him regardless, but IMO if the Democrats had really pushed someone like Tulsi Gabbard, they'd have a...
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    If you haven't yet, I would definitely recommend Leviathan Wakes, and the rest of that series. It's fantastic. It was serialized by the Syfy channel and now Amazon Prime, and they've done a great job with it.
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    I love Snow Crash, and I LOVE Stephenson. Anathem is my favorite novel of all time. I've read it four times over the years and it continually amazes me. Cryptonomicon was my first Stephenson I read, it's fantastic. The Baroque Cycle is great and lot of fun, and I love how it connects to...
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    It's been a while since I've posted here! I just finished Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun series, and loved it. I consider it a masterpiece, one of the best series in fantasy or sci-fi I've ever read. I hadn't known much about it prior to reading it. I'd seen it on a few list of great...
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