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    HJ is coming out, right...?

    Well, I found gold on the first server I played on, Earthen Ring. That was a while ago, though, and I know roleplay is now hit-or-miss in some places on WoW. I'm doing fine on Moon Guard now, though, and on both sides. But I couldn't find EQ2 roleplay areas for the life of me. I guess...
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    HJ is coming out, right...?

    Well I could say "Well, you're probably not looking in the right place," but the same can probably be said for me. :D2
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    HJ is coming out, right...?

    From a WoW vet's perspective, I can't get into the roleplay on EQ2. WoW's is more out-in-the-open. Maybe I've just had horrible luck, but I just don't see anyone in the act of roleplay, even in spite of the vast majority with roleplay flags on their character names. My account's still good...
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    I... what the.... is this even LEGAL?

    Nope. Quite frankly, not at all.
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    'Sup people?

    Greetings and welcome! Alas, I do not have an avatar of someone eating. Just blokes that pose dramatically. :D2
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    That's it! It needs to stop!

    Or a bundle of sticks!
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    Age of Conan

    Yikes, I don't remember that! What was I doing that night, I wonder... It is funny how I drank far more alcohol before 21 than after. I barely drink, if at all now. I remember getting very drunk one day back in high school and blacked out. None of my friends at the time would tell me what...
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    Bad naming

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    Fantasy What Dreams May Come

    I watched that in the theater with my girlfriend at the time. Very well done movie.
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    My turn i guess

    Greetings and welcome. If Pinnelipe begins gnawing on you, just accept the fact that you didn't need that limb in the first place. ;>.>
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    Top 25 best looking MMORPG ever.. Woo?

    In a market that has been horribly saturated with many of the same types of playstyles, different is good. =D=
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    Pirates In Hero's Journey

    Neutral. There could be many variants of piracy on the open seas (or inland). Of course, in that pirate-specific MMO, I plan to play a British privateer, so I have tendencies toward #1. :D2
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    Age of Conan

    Well, we don't need to go into all the details of what I did between the ages of 14-21. ;>.>
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    Top 25 best looking MMORPG ever.. Woo?

    That's alright by my watch. Seriously, most of them are great in graphics...and little else.