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    Season 5 Vaughn - what do we think now?

    I pretty sure he's alive I'm just not sure how or who's been taking care of my little Vaughnster. and I love Vaughn's nose too what a cheap shot! yeah let's make fun of his face how mature. and Vaughn is certainly good enough for Syd. and I'm sure he will be an awesome dad!
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    The love of Sydney's life

    IF ya can't tell by now it's Michael Vaughn he's the one true love of her life her soulmate.
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    Official: Favorite Character

    Vaughn of course. no one tops that man in my book. been my fav since the beginning will be to the end. He's the reason I started watching this show!
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    Your main Ship

    Alright SV is winning!
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    Michael Vartan's ROGUE movie

    I love those pics he looks so freakin sexy! thanx for posting!
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    Michael Vartan news and pictures

    Love these pics!!! MV in camo :D yum!! and that backwards hat delicious!
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    Season 5 Vaughn.Nadia.Weiss.

    Vaughn!! The show needs him and so does Syd. the sho can survive without Nadia or Weiss. no offence to Weiss/nadia people. but the ratings prove my point.
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    Season 5 Horizon spoilers

    Vaughn would be a logical captor I reallly want him to be the captor. I love those pics! my eyes started to water. I have a good feeling he's coming back. i can't wait for this ep! and Million Dollar B***** I freakin love your av right on! :lol:
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    Season 5 New Vaughn Rumour Of The Positive Kind

    *huge sigh* JJ what have you done to this show? so when does this happen?
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    Season 5 New Vaughn Rumour Of The Positive Kind

    I'm so frustrated with this show and situation. I really do want MV to come back the show is felgercarb without him it seems like the rachel and tom show! god why did JJ kill him off in the first place he knew what a huge fanbase he had and the shippers. what the hell is wrong with him? I'll be glad...
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    Season 5 NEW PROMO PICS

    I've been hearing that myself. I just hope that he's there in more than just dream form. ahh the pier that seems like it was light years ago when they we just starting out and things weren't so damn messed up.*sigh*
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    Season 5 React: Out of the Box

    I was bored :asleep: too much Tom for me don't like him. Rachel seemed iffy in this ep to me. like she was evil but that's just me.
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    Season 5 I hope

    I'm so bored this season but I won't leave cause there's the slightest chance Vaughn is alive and I can get a cute SV reunion.
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    The first time you saw Michael Vartan

    I first saw him in NBK. and thought he was really cute-hot
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    Marissa and Ryan

    I loved RM last night!!! so cute and good. THey are rock solid this year. I loved the beach scene with them!!! so good I loved when Sandy said Ryan had one hell of a GF. can't wait for more moments from them in S3!!!
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