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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    i thought the finale was awesome! i loved it. the coundlt have ended it any better.. Jacks death was herioc. i was sad when they killed him off but now i understand it was for the best. not everyone can stay alive on alias. and sloane; i was soo suprised that Syd shot him, as soon as he shot...
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    One Last Chance

    im so glad she didnt die, i knew Vaughn would do anything to give her a second chance he'd do anything for her
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    aww yay, hes back
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    How to Play the Game

    that is so cute, i love it :hug: its so sweet, everything that they do, its awesome
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    How to Play the Game

    aww, i love this fic, its awesome, she doesnt watch movies, i really think she has problems but she likes books, im with Vaughn. i cant stand books they dont entertain me in the slightest -em </3
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    Listen with Your Heart

    aww, thats so cute, shes so clever too reading everones lips coolas
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    that was so beautiful
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    Winter Wonderland

    noooooo, dont leave :(
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    We've Got Something Here

    this is soo good, i didnt think there would be a sequel, its excellento. Cait grew up soo fast :P if you give out PM's please keep me on the list.
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    lol, i think i know where this is leading :P
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    Home to Stay

    this is 1 of the sweetest fics i have ever read n i really love it
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    ohh that is cute, she better choose Michael in the end
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    Needle Pulling Thread

    ohh poor Syd, Vaughn will never leave you, not ever
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    Sanity Saved

    ohhh that was soo sad with Syd n all that, i hate her mum soo much, Irina needs to get a life
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    Winter Wonderland

    that really cute, i wish Syd would give him more of a chance with his children