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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck IV

    They must be so happy with their baby, good on them. They should enjoy their child and not worry about gossip. :)
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    VaUgHn and SyD-TrUe LuV nEvA dIeS!

    I'm glad people still like this place! But I think we gotta talk about s/v more! Damn, I cant wait till s5 comes to australia! :(
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    Weather 2

    It's fairly warm outside, before it was so hot. Argh.
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    Random #281

    I'm here! God, I'm tired.
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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    I love Hayden! <3 I was wondering, if you have a paid account how do you get those boxes that people have on the side? That say like, 'Currently Loving' and things like that? Sorry if this has already been asked or anything! XD
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    Name of Story: Changes Brief Description: Set in 'Fall's Academy', a talent school for teenagers. Sark, Vaughn and will are all talented singing brothers who are in a band. [Think Hanson.] Sydney is new to the school, and all three brothers are intrigued. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the...
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    I heart it. Got it on DVD, its a classic. So well depicted. <3
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    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (3)

    *smiles* Excellent movie.
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    Worst O.C Couple

    Mine would have to be, Zac and Summer. No chemistry at all. Ew.
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    VaUgHn and SyD-TrUe LuV nEvA dIeS!

    NEVER TO LATE TO JOIN! :) <3 Welcome aboard.
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    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (3)

    Well, I vote you can. :) Nope, only if the french waiter has a MOUSTACHE! Oh, and a MONOBROW. Yes.
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    Your hair color!

    Dark Brown. Natural!
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    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (3)

    You better do it, and take a photo. Otherwise all this great brainstorming is going to be useless. and the MOUSTACHE! That is essential!
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    What are you wearing? 2

    Track pants and a razor back top.
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    Us Aussies Hate Channel Seven (3)

    A zebra. ONLY DONT SKIN IT! NOOO! I think that the idea is actually pretty great. And you can get a moustache!
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