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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    uhhey. anyone here ? haha.
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    *Let's speak french* 2

    Can someone just tell me how to say something like, I wear braces, as in the braces for your teeth ?
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    *Let's speak french* 2

    Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out ? For my french class, we're supposed to write a bit of a poem with the words all having the same sound / rhyming. So, could you either direct me to a site where I could find a list of rhyming words / words with the same sound or help me...
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    Random #281

    I'm here now ?
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    Random #281

    Ummmm... hey, how's everyone doing ?
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    Random #281

    hey, is anyone here ?
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    Politics Same-sex Marriages (¡DOS!) There's Spain. :D
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    Favotitsim in school

    Haha, in some of my classes, I've been the favorite. & this is in both middle & high school. I have no idea why, but whatever. One of my teachers would let me turn in papers late & still get full credit. One of my teachers yelled at everyone who talked & would be like, well, you're getting...
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    Alias to move to Thursdays

    Why the hell do they keep changing the day & time? As it is, I skipped watching most episodes this season because the first 6 or 7 episodes I watched were self-contained & I hated them & when the show finally picked up, I was into watching another show & missing a couple of episodes left me all...
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    Season 5 Alias S5 Petition

    Definitely. & The OC wins.
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    AP testing!

    I'm taking the AP World History exam on tuesday! It's coming up so fast...& I tried using a study guide/prep book thing & there's just so much to memorize. Of course, that my teacher was less than stellar, didn't exactly help either & I heard last year, only 3 kids passed the AP World exam with...
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    Which BTVS couple did you HATE?

    Well, seeing as I've only seen up to season 4, episode 11, I'll just have to judge based on that. Right now, I'm really hating the Buffy/Riley relationship & loving Spuffy.
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    Politics Social Democratism

    Hahaha... :lol:
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    National Student Leadership Conference

    Yeah, I got a few brochures on that & some other program, but I think they cost too much money.
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    Politics Social Democratism

    our Score Your scored -3 on the Moral Order axis and 0.5 on the Moral Rules axis. Matches The following items best match your score: 1. System: Socialism 2. Variation: Moderate Socialism 3. Ideologies: Social Democratism 4. US Parties: Democratic Party 5. Presidents: Jimmy Carter (95.06%) 6...
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