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    Av Thread

    ahh that came out perfect thank youuu!!
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    Av Thread

    can someone plllease make an av of this that says "family"
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    Season 5 React: 30 Seconds

    ugggh why the hell are you gonna bring nadia back then KILL HER??? AHHHH. and sydney doesn't know yet...omfg it was soo bad...but i knew something was gonna happen to renee..i could feel it! that was so sad how nadia died..seriously. and sloane is a jackass. the end, i knew he was gonna convert...
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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    umm wtf where is vauggghnnn
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    I don't want her to let go of him either... TOTALLY WASNT EXPECTING THAT
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    ahh this is NUTS but a cute nuts....
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    woah...this is weird lol
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    interesting..very interesting...
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

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    Former Gartan Addicts #8

    havent posted here in a while. kristina, where did you get the picture for you AV? i love it. CAN'T WAIT TILL 10 COMES AROUND. I haven';t watched since the premiere. I watched bits and peices of last week though. I miss MV. I can't waittttt. This will make my day =) ♥
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    Meet the fockers (twice) White noise Are we there yet In good Company Boogeyman (twice) Hitch Ring 2 Guess Who Amityville Horror-SCARED MEE!!! Fever Pitch The Interpreter House of Wax Monster In Law (twice) --didn't intend it the second time either! lol Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the...
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    What movie did you just watch?

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    The Test of Time

    just got a chance to read the end..that was so great, i loved this fic, it was different than anything ive read before, it was amazing. i can't wait for a new fic (which im sure u have one out somewherE)
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    the edge of something new

    noah's sorry ass is just jealous. vaughn is as sweet as honey..hehe. i can't wait to see how this forms. noah better not break them up, but i doubt it. he doesn';t seem to have a lot of power. but on the other hand, this is your fic, and he can have as much power as he wants. lol. i can't wait...
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    the edge of something new

    um yeha i havent read in a long time. the summer seemed to go great, and sark and lauren are really stupid to even try to break vaughn and sydney up..isnt gonna happen. im glad weiss found a girlfriend, i hope they're happy. i hope you do more of a storyline on them. and now that the school...
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