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    International Michael

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuussssieeee aussssiieee ausssiieee oi oi oi haha soz yah im from australia :D
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    Politics Eating disorders

    yah i agree... iv just got that also iv just made this big team in netball n i have to travle up to melbourne 3 times every wk n its like 3 hrs away. N iv just really gota think of my health now cuz theres dietitions comes in n talks to us n our families often. Im now playing netball 6 days a...
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    How did you get into Alias?

    I dunno how i started watching ALIAS, i think i watched Breaking Point in S3, an flicked it on n off but when the eppy Remnants was on afta that i was hooked, i got 4 best friends into it, my mum n dad, brother, 2 cusions, 2 teachers, my friends cusion n her mum and then her best friend.OH n my...
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    The BIG quiz

    Weiss makes it up for Vaughn when they were in da CIA office!! {What was the song played in S2 when Vaughn n Syd were eating lce cream?}
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    OMG i'v always hated reading, neva liked it or got into it, k i'v only fully finished only a couple of books in my life time :S i no its sad ..... haha.... well i'v just finished reading 'My Sisters Keeper' by Jodi Picoult, its the best book eva!! even beta then LOTR'S N HARRY POTTER :D I...
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    What song is this?

    aww i love that song :D
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    Who knows the song?

    awww i luv that song... me and my friends were just talking about if we died today, what song we'd won't to be played at ur funerals n i said "angles - by sarah" Spoiler :: Also the song played in Vaughns Funeral is by Sarah McLanghin called "dirty little secret, it's...
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    Bothering You?

    OK I HAVE HAD THE WORSE START OF THE WEEK:- 1) This HOT POPULAR guy at school told me bout 2 wks ago that i was hot n he would so pik me up, but on friday nite i found out that one on my mates George asked him bout me n Cal told him he didn't care about me . 2) My two best friends are fighting...
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    The Official Birthday Thread

    hey my bday is dec11th 1990
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    Could i ask u guys for a lil help

    scxivaughn thanx, i was thinking about that also, in sence to that, they always follow us around, even if we are going to the toilet they come, they neva give any space:S aaiina i no this will sound extremlly bad on me behalf... my other friends ( the 6 of them) have no personallty, there always...
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    Could i ask u guys for a lil help

    Hey Guys, ok i don't know who else to talk to bout this, im sure heaps of ppl have gone though this but i have no idea what to do:- At school we have a lil group of friends, of about 8. inside that ground i have 2 best friends. We were neva popular nor not popular, i think we were just normal...
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    Same-sex crushes

    id say Evangaline lilly, Emilie De Ravin and JG !! GO JJ !
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    Top 5!

    Actress:- Jen Garner Juila Roberts Jennifer Aniston Actors:- Johnny Depp Michael Vartan Dominic Monaghan Billy Boyd Brad Pitt (yummm)
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    Politics Eating disorders

    yah its good to hear from u guys again !! I MISS U GUYS :(
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    2005 Primetime Emmys

    Ahhh so wanted Jen to win :( Glad HUGH JACKMAN won (go ozzie) Glad Fal. Huffman won
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