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    Season 4 Jaquelyn.. doesn't add up

    I'm also confused on the timeline, but I'm trusting that they have an answer. I'm also not sure they just threw that in there. I've been rewatching S2 eps, and I happened to be up to "A Dark Turn", when Irina and Jack set up the meet with Sloane and Irina escapes. Jack said to Irina something...
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    Season 4 Date errors

    So, do we know when in 1981 she died? How long after this mission of Jack's did she die? He said in this ep that he was planning to give notice to the CIA. So, something must have happened? Also, when did Jack start working with Sloane at SD6? I can never keep everyone's timeline straight...
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    Season 4 The evolution of Jack Bristow

    (Absolute kudos to Victor Garber. This episode was a tribute to how fabulously he plays the character of Jack Bristow.) Compare how Jack was in this episode, especially during the hallucinations and the 1981 'mission' with how we usually see Jack -- you really get a picture of exactly who...
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    Season 4 Dr. Liddel

    Yeah, I agree that Sloane wants Jack alive. But, I also thought Sloane had a weird expression. My take was that Sloane was almost a little *too* eager to find the good Doc. I'm sure Liddel is up to his eyeballs in some intel, or he wouldn't have had to be hidden so well for so long. And...
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    Season 4 Bill Vaughn

    Syd: She's [Anna] supposed to be dead. Jack: So are a lot of people. Ya think the CIA knew all along? For a second, I started thinking maybe it's not a coincidence that the CIA had Vaughn be Syd's handler while at SD-6?
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    Season 4 Bill Vaughn

    My theory. Bill Vaughn didn't die, but CIA put him in protective custody to continue his Rambaldi work, and protect his family. Bill agrees, because he doesn't want any harm to come to his family, and thinks his brother's going to look after his family. Someone (Irina? Sloane? Alliance...
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    Season 4 A Nice Spy-Family Dinner

    Whatever 'pact' those two have, you can bet they're not in it because of some concern for the other's well-being. They each expect to get something out of this. What, exactly, remains to be seen. Jack knows, more than anyone, what Sloane is. He'll use Sloane to get what he wants, but I...
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    Season 4 Vaughn

    Syd: She's [Anna] supposed to be dead. Jack: So are a lot of people. You think the CIA has known this whole time?
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    Season 4 Quotes!

    (Don't have Sark's exact quote, but basically Sark telling Sydney about he and Lauren being known for certain 'intimacies' and she should play the part...) Syd: Dream on you perverted freak. LOL.
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    Season 4 This endless pit of confusion

    This made me wonder, too. Some thoughts that have been going through my head... First Sloane tells Syd that Anna wouldn't kill Nadia because "it's not her destiny", then he tells Syd that if Anna has her way, only one of them would come back alive? Did something change his mind? Or was he...
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    Season 4 Thank you Mr. Abrams

    It was a great ep, I agree! I may be in the minority, but I've been fine with the season so far... now that I've seen tonight's episode, I'm glad they spent the time in the earlier eps to build up all of the issues that are going to carry this new arc... Syd & Nadia bonding Nadia & Weiss...