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    30 Rock

    Any 30 Rock fans here? I'm huge fan of the show. I love all the characters and Tracy Morgan was one of my favorite comedians on SNL back in the day. I thought if you were a fan of 30 or Tracy Morgan you may be interested in hearing what is in store for us this season on the show. Read this...
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    Who would you date from 90210?

    Haha... fantasizing is always fun :) I think I'd have to go with Ian Ziering. At least my guy will have some money because I know that he currently is a TV host for a new lifetime show called Yo Mama Don't Dance. I've seen the first episode and it was pretty good but I usually get back late on...
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    Anyone else sick of Dancing with the Stars?

    Omg yes I have seen so many commercials for Your Mama Don't Dance. It's on tonight at 9 which works out perfect because I'm catching the last showing of The Other Boelyn girl tonight too.
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    This guy is nuts!

    Why is it that people can afford to spend 250,000 dollars on a party? How? I don't even have 250,000 pennies to throw away on a party. Yet I can't seem to look away. hahaa
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    The Office show ever. In case I never told you guys that!
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    Ryan Gosling!

    I know! what happened to this guy?!?! One day I remember him as the young goofy type of he's doing all these serious roles!
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    Which Celebrity do you WISH you looked like.

    If I had to pick a female I would want either Jessica Alba's or Drew Barrymore's body!
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    Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

    I just saw the one with Miss America 2007. She actually did a pretty good job.
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    Songs You Just Can't Get Out Of Your Head

    Unfortunately 'Piece of me' by britney keeps going through my head.
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    What's ur current most fav song?

    I'm really liking that 'Fake It' Song by Seether...
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    Music What Are You Listening To?

    No Dreams - Oakley Hall
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    Nothing lives up to Alias

    I know the state of TV is pretty bad these days, but seriously…who thought it was a good idea to give this guy his own show?? Where have all the standards in television gone? I know not everything can be Alias...but shouldn't they at least try??
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    they should have shows about plus-sized models!!!! Because that IS the norm... anything over a size 4 is considered plus size.. crazy if u think about it!! I really like nikki blonsky though.. she looks really down to earth; she's inspirational like america ferrera from ugly betty! I'm going to...
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    Media's depiction of beauty

    I really love how Lifetime is showing real people, when the trend is so obviously in the opposite direction!
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    Looking good

    My friend did this and sent it to me. I think it's too funny. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it. It is supposed to be what I look like naked and I think I look damn good. Do you wanna show me what you look like now? :wink...