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    Joel's here!

    Welcome to the forum Joel! Glad to have you aboard. I hope you have a great time and keep posting!
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    Mac or Windows?

    I have used both operating systems and I personally like Windows more, it might just be because I have been using windows all my life.
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    New Here

    Welcome to the forum Wolfy! I found this site through Forum Promotion also. Have fun and be good posting! :P
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    Welcome to TTF Fatal! Glad to have you aboard. I hope you like the forums and stick around!
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    Web Stuff How much money do you make online, monthly?

    I have only been making money online for a few months now and I have gotten around $30-40 dollars a month. I plan on getting more soon!
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    Web Stuff How much money have you made in total?

    I honestly do not know how much money I have made online, but it is definitely over $100. I hope to get as much money as I can online though.
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    GFX Favorite graphics program?

    I am using photoshop as my main graphics program. I think it is one of the most easiest programs to use and you can get great artwork when using it.
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    Have you coded anything?

    I have coded a few simple webpages before but nothing special. I hope to learn some more languages so I can make some money off of coding though!
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    Web Stuff Blogger vs Wordpress

    I honestly do not like either of them because they limit your access to your blog. If you just spend some money on a host you can get 100% control over your blog.
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    Web Stuff Blogging for revenue or as a hobby?

    I started out blogging just as a hobby because it was fun. Lately I have found myself doing it more for revenue though.
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    Web Stuff How many forums do you own?

    I am currently owner of only one forum and I don't plan on expanding anytime soon. It can take up a lot of your time and time is valuable when being a webmaster.
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    Web Stuff censorship

    I personally do not mind it because I never catch myself swearing on any forums. But I can see why some people might not like having works censored.
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    Web Stuff Favorite forum software?

    Free: My favorite free forum software is phpBB because of the looks! Paid: My favorite paid forum software is IPB because it has one of the best ACPs out there and they have good security!
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    Web Stuff Who is your web host?

    I currently use Hawk Host as my web host. They are one of the most reliable web hosts out there and they offer great prices!
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    Web Stuff Rate Your Web Host On a Scale of 1 - 10

    I would most likely give my web host a 9/10 because of what they offer (prices, space, etc.). I did not give them a 10 because their support can be slow sometimes.