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    GFX Losing my touch!

    Your just in a slump. Don't worry. Try getting inspiration by looking at really nice tags.
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    GFX [CLASSED]Princess Peach's Classification

    Princess Peach's Classification Beginner is the final vote. But if there was more specific classing, I'de put you down as high Beg. ;) CLASSED. Congrats on the classing.
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    GFX [CLASSED]Dav's Classification

    Dav's Classification You guys say inter. Uhm... Your saying his work is equivalent to my work? Not trying to be rude, but def. Solid Novice. Alright, you've been classed, Solid Novice. Congratz. locked.
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    GFX [CLASSED]Light's Classification

    Light's Classification Beginner. You need to work on composition, and at the same time, effects and colors. CLOSED/CLASSED.
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    If you need an extra(mod), I'll be happy to help around. ;) Because as you see, nothing happens in my GFX Classification sub.
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    I think that fonts just Times n New Romans with a white stroke.
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    GFX C4Ds?

    wow fave u jst explained everythung..
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    GFX GIMP A phoney?

    Which I bet 89% of the people that have PS have.. I doubt anyone nowadays buy the version.. it costs like $600 bucks.. and you'll probably never see a kid come into a store, and come uot with the latest version of photoshop in his hands.. it's usually adults for businesses who use it.. besides...
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    GFX PR(PlanetRenders)

    Yeah, your right. If you look at the bottom, it'll show how many users are on. Now double that.. That's how many it is daily..
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    C & C Orange Abstract

    I dunknow what it is about your tags.. they just.. are amazing IMO.
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    C & C General Greivous Sig

    The colours aren't very appealing, IMO. They just do not compliment the focal atall, which is a crucial point if you ant good tags. And it's best not to set your render/focal right in the middle, it's just harder to keep flow, plus, everything looks more symetrical(thats a bad thing)
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    C & C most recent signatures

    Are you seriously kidding me? I think your porbably, the BEST GIMP user I've seen.. in all the time I've spent on the just, wow....
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    C & C This isn't new, but want to see what people think.

    That's actually a really nice background, except for the fact that everythings monotone, try blending the Render/Focal into the BG more. ;)
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    C & C New Avatar

    make it transparent.
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    Diableos Auros is here!

    Welcome. If you want to see what class you are in Tags, post here! viewforum.php?f=45