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    GFX SOTW #8 Entries
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    Tenacious Z

    thanks for the warm welcome!
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    Guitar Hero:World Tour

    Hells yeah! i only have gh3 on ps2! have a wii but gonna get GH WT on it and buy rock band 1+2 cd's :D probably not until xmas though or my bday! i'm 18 2 days after xmas :P anyway back on topic: Saw some gameplay vids it looks awesome, those new drums and guitar look kickass! cant wait!
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    Request .;Sig Plz;. *Zin* allowed to rerequest

    I will try this tonight or tomorrow!
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    Request | Need a signature | *Completed*

    I can try have a go at this tonight or tomorrow!
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    C & C Darkness

    A bit grungy and a the render looks to be erased too much! but other than that the background fits well with the render!
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    C & C Downfall

    It's ok but i think the render is not flowing in the same direction as the background flow, and i like the larger text but the small one looks out of place, and the render is a bit over sharpened but good job!
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    C & C Newer designs

    The first one looks like the render was not resized properly! if u use photshop remember to hold shift as u are resizing! I still think your preffered sig size is way too big, some say big is better but if you are just starting out in sigs i suggest the opposite.
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    C & C New designs

    They are ok, a bit big, work on lighting and flow! you will get there just keep at it! :D
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    GFX SOTW#3 Entries

    From king of fighters i think
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    Tenacious Z

    whats up i am zin and just joined your forum! I make sigs and may apply for designer :clap: