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    When is it going to change? No really, really CHANGE?

    I know exactly what you mean. It makes me want to make my own game...I wish I could. Every game comes out with all this hype but it's always just another version of the same game --we need something revolutionary, something niche, and a developer who's willing to risk lower subscription rate to...
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    Happy 1. Birthday last Heros Journey News

    Any last words?
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    I've been betaing it too, and I have to say that despite a few complaints, I enjoy it so far. And PvP/Siege endgame is a must for me, I can't stand non-siege and non-PvP based things. Which is why I haven't really liked a game since DAoC...
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    So, is anyone in beta currently or planning to play?
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    Happy :(

    Happy Birthday, Daax
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    Happy 36th Birthday Jaraeth

    Happy Birthday :)
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    As do I, Brie in particular.
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    Neverwinter Nights MMO

    That looks pretty cool. I definitely enjoyed the RPG game, I wonder if they can release a good MMORPG without making it look too much like Blizzard's game.
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    All-Points Bulletin - Cops and Robbers MMO

    Yeah, I've been watching this game too, it looks like it could be pretty fun. This and Aion are pretty much the only two games I have any hope in, and I hope at least one works out.
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    Thanks, Nav, and good riddance!
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    What's up with all the spam recently, I'm pretty sure there wasn't this much before... And why don't they use a more active sight that this one?
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    Questions for Simu Dev's favorite.
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    HJ GameMaster Program

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    What Do You Listen To?

    I like that theory...and even if it isn't true it is still a good theory. We live in a far too judgemental society these days...