[CinVin] Emoji Tweaks

XenForo 2 [CinVin] Emoji Tweaks 1.2.0

No permission to download
Where can I get emoji in .SVG format? :thinking:

The fastest way of switching over to .SVG emoji is to use the Twemoji images from Twitter.

Step 1 - Download the Twemoji project from Github
If you are not familiar with Github, choose the 'Code' drop-down button and then the 'Download Zip' link.

Step 2 - Upload the files to your server
Unzip the file you download from Github and then upload the folder /twemoji-master/assets/svg to your server. For our example, we will upload it to a folder on your server named /images which means that the upload folder with the .SVG images will be /images/svg after the upload is done.

Step 3 - Change your Emoji Style to Twitter
The various emoji sources use different file naming conventions. Change your Emoji Style option to "Twitter" since you are using the Twitter Twemoji images.

Step 4 - Change your Emoji Source option
Change the value of Emoji Source to your new /images/svg folder. Depending on your server config the exact value you use may be a little differerent. Ask your host if you're not sure.

Step 5 - Change your Emoji source file extension option to SVG
The last step! You've download the current Twemoji images, uploaded them to your server, changed the XF options to 'Twitter' naming convention, now you just need to change the file extension to use "SVG" when serving the files.