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This nifty little utility will present a list of all of your forums RSS feeds on one page! Your users can then easily pick & choose which forums they want to subscribe to via RSS, Google, Yahoo, or Bloglines.

Ever go to a big site like CNN and view their page of RSS feeds that you can subscribe to? This is the same thing but for your vBulletin forums!

In addition to your users, the search engine spiders will love this! :D

We went out of our way to make sure that this CinVin vBulletin add-on was quick & easy to both install and modify!
  • All descriptions and names are completely phrased so you can quickly add alternate lanquages or change the existing wording.
  • All display output is handled through vBulletin templates so you can quickly change the output appearance.
  • All templates and phrase are installed as a vBulletin product through your ACP which means there are no file edits!
  • Includes plugins to correctly show you where your visitors are when you view the Who's Online page.
Installation only take a few moments...
  • Unzip the .zip file that you downloaded.
  • Go into your ACP and select Plugins & Products => Manage Products => Add/Import Product => {Select the CinVin_vB_Forum_Feed_Listing.xml file from the download} => Import
  • Upload the single PHP file and single folder in the upload_to_your_forum_folder folder from the download to your forums folder.
You're all done! Just point your browser to to view your new RSS feed listings.

DEMO #1: CinVin RSS Feeds (this is the 'stock' version)

DEMO #2: Cool SciFi RSS Feeds (this one has been integrated with vBa CMPS; instructions on how to do so will be following)

- What vB versions? This should work with all versions of vB 3.6.x and above. It should also work with vB 3.5.x but I have not tested it on that version. [EDIT: Note that this is only for the vB 3.x series, not vB 4.x or vB 5.x]

- Can I remove the "CinVin" text at the very bottom? NO! Believe it or not that little text is what allows us to work on hacks like this for free and, more importantly, to continue to support them. You are free to move the notice to your footer template, for example, if you would like to keep your notices all together but for removing it entirely a Branding Free license is available through CinVin.
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