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vBulletin [How To] vBa CMPS and Zoints Thread Tags Integration

vBadvanced CMPS is a free portal for vBulletin and is available at vBadvanced. Zoints Thread Tags is a free thread tagging management add-on for vBulletin and is available at Zoints. The steps below will show you how to integrate the two together.

Examples of integration...

Main Cloud:
View Tags:

In the above examples I am showing a right column on the Zoints Tags pages. If I wanted to I could mix & match what CMPS modules are on the page meaning that I could have modules shown on the left side, modules shown on the right side, or even modules shown above & below the Zoints Tags output. :cool:

Recommend software versions:

- vBulletin 3.6.0 or above by Jelsoft
- Zoints Tags 1.2.1 by Zoints
- vBadvanced CMPS 2.2.1 by vBadvanced

1) By default the Zoints Tags Main Cloud and Delete Tag templates are shown at 65% screen width. Modify your "zointstags_tagcloud" and "zointstags_deletetag" templates and change the 'table' widths in both templates from 65% to 100%. There are two instances in zointstags_tagcloud to be changed (one for the output and another for the page navigation) and one instance in zointstags_deletetag.

2) Modify your vBulletin files and /forums/tags/index.php file per the steps at vBadvanced in the Integrating Other vB Pages & Hacks section of the CMPS manual. ( => Members' Area => User Manuals => vBadvanced CMPS => Integrating Other vB Pages & Hacks)

3) At this point it'll appear that the integration is working but if you then go and view the tags listings, for example, you'll find that most of the links are broken. That is because of an... unusual, for lack of a better word,... method being used by Zoints Thread Tags where it relies upon an HTML base anchor definition being present in your HTML head section. Rather then play around with further hacking any of the files or templates install the attached plugin instead.

That's it, you're all done. :smiley:
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