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vBulletin [How To] Where Do I Enable The Multi-Quote Feature?

I'm SO glad you asked! ;)

To enable the multi-quote feature:

  1. Log into your Admin Control Panel (ACP)
  2. Go To vBulletin Options
  3. On the right, click on Message Posting and Editing Options
  4. Scroll down to Multi-Quote Enabled, and select yes or no.
  5. You may also establish how many posts your members will be permitted to quote.
BEFORE you hit save... notice that there are a few other functions in here that you can set, as well! To name a few:
  • minimum/maximum characters per post
  • automatically quote the thread title in every reply
  • maximum number of images (smilies) permitted per post
  • minimum time (in seconds) between posts (this is to help deter spamming)
Hit Save!
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