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XenForo 2 Lazy Load YouTube Videos for Xenforo 2 1.0.3

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This version requires XF 2.1.0 or above in order to be installed.
  • Fixed to use the minified version of the javascript file.
  • Changed iframe code to allow for autoplay complying with Google's updated policies on embedded media.
  • Tweaked the JS just a bit.
  • Updated the ACP icon, title, etc. to be consistent with other "CinVin" releases.
The current version of this add-on is always installed here at Alien Soup. Check our "What are you listening to?" thread to see it action.
Two updates in this release... :)
  • Fixed a bug that would have caused multiple images to be loaded for each video.
  • Changed the div wrapper to be the standard bbMediaWrapper instead of a custom div.
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