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XenForo 1 XenForo - Creating Private Forums

A common question for new XenForo administrators is how to create a private forum for their staff members since the XenForo permissions system is a little bit different than other forum software.

The steps below for XenForo 1.0.x will walk you through it. :)
  1. Create a new category.
    • ACP => Applications => Create New Node => Category
    • Just give it a title, for example name it "Staff Area", and then save it.
  2. Make the new category private.
    • ACP => Users => Node Permissions => Click on "Staff Area" (or the name you gave it) => Check "Private Node" option
  3. Make the category viewable to your admins & moderators.
    • ACP => Users => Node Permissions => Click on "Staff Area" (or the name you gave it) => Click on the "Administrative" user group name
    • Find the "View Node" listing, should be at or near the top, and turn on the "Allow" option (the green column)
    • Scroll down and "Update Permission" for the group
    • Repeat for the "Moderating" group.
And that is it. :cool:You can now create new forum nodes under the private category that only your staff members will see.

To test it, view the forums as a user would see the site.
  1. ACP => Users => Test Permissions
    • Try it twice, once for a 'Registered' user who shouldn't see nor have access to the category and also again as a staff member (where their primary group is registered and then have a secondary group of Administrative or Moderating)
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