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vBulletin Zoints Tag Cloud for vBa CMPS 2.0.0 2023-03-12

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Hot off the presses... the newest version of the Zoints Tag Cloud for vBadvanced CMPS brought to you by vBU. :smiley:

The Zoints Tags system is an add-on for vBulletin that allows you to 'tag' a thread with keywords and then display those keywords in a 'cloud' that your visitors can view & search. Search Engine bots may also like having the topic specific tags associated from the cloud to your threads. ;)

Zoints Tags is a free product and is available here.

This version of the module has the following new features/fixes...

- Ability to specify the number of tags to show separately from the normal /Tags page. Previously it was using the same setting. The default is 30.

- Ability to specify if you want to include a link to the 'Main Cloud' in the module. The default is yes.

- The ability to specify different colors for the tags in the cloud based upon their popularity. Thanks to Matias in this thread at Zoints.

- Recognizing whether the module is in the center column or a sidebar column has been cleaned up a bit. When displayed in a center column the module title will be {Forum Name} Popular Tags but when displayed in a sidebar the title is just Popular Tags. This is because you want to avoid having the module title wrap to more than one line (as it messes up a lot of custom styles).

- The text for the search button has been replaced with Zoints phrase. All of the text and buttons are now using various phrases that come from either the Zoints Tags product or vBulletin itself.

Here is a screen shot of the new module options. The options are access by choosing ACP => vBa CMPS => Edit Modules => Zoints Tag Cloud and then scrolling down a bit.


Here is an example of the module in use at Cool SciFi. The module is in the center and is using all of the default options.


Here is the same module but being viewed as a user with permissions to delete tags.


Finally, here is an example of the module in use at vBulletin Users. The module is in the right column with the Show Main Cloud option turned off. All other options were left at the default values.


As always... have fun, be nice to others, and always do the right thing. ;)
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