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    hey i'm pheonix! :biggrin: i love ALIAS! (who does'nt?) if i write any fan-fic's i appologize because of the spelling because i'm in special-ed classes :blush: so yeah thats me! :tongue: Pheonix :tongue:
  2. Boyscout_Mountainer


    hey i'm just doing somthin if i can put this as my siggy if i cant i need help!
  3. Boyscout_Mountainer


    Title: VA? Disclaimer: I own nothing accept foe VA? A/N: this is my first fan-fic so please if you can take it easy on me thats all i ask, The following fan-fic has none of the flowing: - No bad guy’s accept for Julian Sark - No teriosts organization’s e.g. sd-6 - Believe it or not slones a...
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