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    Author's Notes: Some events in this chapter and the next resemble moments in 3x12, Crossroads. ____________________ Chapter One Tuesday What was it exactly about Tuesday that made it absolutely unbearable? Sydney Bristow pondered this as she made her way through the security checkpoints...
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    Melrose Place

    I totally agree. That show had some really awesome moments and characters than can never be duplicated. As you mentioned, Kimberly is one of them. Removing her wig? Blowing up the apartment building? Having multiple personality disorder? Come on--that stuff was iconic. I wish they would leave it...
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    Michael Vartan with...

    Definitely Kate Winslet or Rachel Weisz. But I would like to see him in something with Trini Alvarado, too. Strange...but what can you do?
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    HawthorRNe - Michael's New Show

    I finally got to watch some episodes the other day, and the show is really good. And I am intrigued to see what will happen between Dr. Wakefield (Michael's character) and Christina (Jada's character).
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    Title: Infinity Rating: PG-13 (for the moment) Pairing: Vaughn/Lauren, eventual Vaughn/Sydney, a bit Sydney/OC, past Vaughn/OC Genre: Action, drama, a bit of comedy Setting: Post 3x11 Full Disclosure; the possibility of the Passenger and the existence of Doliak (sp?) agenda don't exist in...
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    The Witness

    I'm not a huge Sark fan, but I have to say this story makes me more intrigued about him! I agree with what others have said in that this story is written awesomely, and the subject is not one that I myself have seen before, so it is brilliant in its rarity. Excellent story.
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